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Shop online & get your groceries delivered directly to your door in as fast as 2 hours. And your first delivery is free. Instacart delivers fresh food, alcohol, and household items the same day in cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Kitchener, Ottawa, Mississauga, Brampton, London, and many more. Down…

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         Instacart: Grocery deliveries                  Ratings and Reviews            4.7 out of 5      75.6K Ratings                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Typsgabx  ,  2017-12-30

Great app, bad service

My roommate used this app and she had an amazing experience so I decided to try it out. The app and user experience is great - you can interact with your shopper throughout the whole process. You don’t get access to deals and some prices are outrageous ($7.00 for one avocado). When I tried the app my shopper did everything in an hour and had it at my apartment in no time. The problem was he picked the absolutely worst produce - wilted leaves, bad tomatoes, yellow - brown bananas. So although the conscience was there I ended up throwing out half of the things I bought and went grocery shopping again myself. Good idea, needs improvement when it comes to the shoppers or some sort of reimbursement.

Kakmandu  ,  2017-12-17

Not worth the trouble

Screwed up my order twice. Then substituted with something no where near what I wanted. Worst of all, paid for two (5) multipack of noodles and got two singles. Paid price for 10 but got 2. What a scam.

Whitepurtydirty  ,  2020-03-16


They’ll secretly charge you extra fees. I ended up more than double paying for my groceries and almost didn’t notice. Support takes forever to get in contact with.  They ended up refusing to give me money. Would not recommend

sunny..62836927  ,  2018-08-17

Charge me without shopping!

They charge me for updates membership for 100 dollars.

They only let me know with email. I don’t read my email often.  If don’t cancel it with in 15 days. Then the money can’t refund. What if I don’t read the email with in 15 days! This app is awful and ridiculous!!

arunrawlani  ,  2019-02-07

Diabolical payment structure

They use customer tips to subsidize their own labour costs. Deliverers don’t get their tips, instead they are used to fulfill the minimum amount per delivery cost.

It’s absolutely unethical and I’m not even sure how the upper management was ok with cheating the people who pretty much are the cornerstone of their business model. Very disappointed with these practices.

Atanu4ever  ,  2018-02-06

Great idea, bad implementation

Most of the items are unavailable, and I had to constantly keep an eye on the messages to approve swipes or request refunds. Very poor customer experience.

Please let me know when you are ready, I’ll re try using it. I am not going to use it for many months for sure.

Mike_123  ,  2020-04-05


Wrong orders. Cancelled orders. Their 24/7 customer support has been unavailable for days. Trash service. Do not use

🏎  ,  2018-08-24


Massively inflated base prices and then an extra charge for delivery! Just go to the store’s website to compare how much they’re gouging you.

What a joke. We’re not idiots.

luss1973  ,  2020-04-05

Took money out of my account

I was just looking into an app while all the madness is happening tried to use it once it didn’t work and now they’ve taken money out of my account unauthorized....I love how this app has essentially taken advantage of people in a crappy time and hope they will refund the money they took without my knowledge. It’s really not a time to be ripping people off money that is essential to people with little to nothing 😞 have emailed twice no response thank you for taking food out of my family’s mouth by taking money out of my account in a time where families are struggling and losing their jobs real class act company!!!! I’m waiting for you to return my money like any ethical company would 😞

rvrv123458  ,  2020-04-05

Nobody is shipping anything to you.

Please just change to other local no touch delivery services as nobody’s gonna take the risk and go to the grocery store for you.

Also if your shopper brought another cheaper replacement for you, they are gonna keep the amount of price difference. Nobody could guarantee you get the right item.

ODrama2011  ,  2020-04-04

Terrible experience

My order was cancelled and my credit card was charged.

thesilentweasel  ,  2020-04-02

Terrible for customers and shoppers

For people trying to shop using this app: don’t. The service isn’t great, support isn’t helpful, and while some of the shoppers may be bad, some like me actually cared. But this happened:

The first time I tried to shop for someone, the provided credit card didn’t work, so I had to pay for them myself. The support took forever to answer, and was not very helpful. I tried to do the reimbursement process, but the app keeps crashing. I’ve currently submitted a claim and there’s no response for almost a week now. I wouldn’t recommend anyone use this service to make money or get their groceries because they charge so much yet the app is broken (current version) and there’s so many points where things could go wrong. Oh, and your number isn’t even in service, but you list that as an official help line.

So yeah, it sucks for everyone. I don’t know how they turn a profit. Uber is a more customer AND contractor friendly business.

joseph 6994  ,  2020-03-18

Crooks!!!!! Stay away

My last order of 100$ + was never delivered. It showed it was but I never received a single item and I have tried to get a hold of customer service through chat email and calling and have had no response for over 72hours.   How is this legal they basically stole $100+ dollars from me.

Kaitlyn35892  ,  2020-03-14

Terrible service

Ordered yesterday at noon for delivery at 6-7pm. Nothing showed up and no contact at all. Call volumes 1 hour wait and still no groceries. Yet they charged my credit card. Fuming mad.

Janusa1  ,  2020-10-08

Not happy.  Supposed to get free delivery!

Will follow-up.

Bettina_zhang0043  ,  2020-06-17

Bad service experience

It used to be good and convenient but not right now. The selected food are terrible and the shoppers are not as professional as they advertised. Almost any random person can be a shopper. And the price on the app is at least 15% higher than the price in store. And it tends to be higher recently! This is ridiculous! I don’t use it anymore.

838739197483  ,  2020-06-15

Terrible costumer support

Slow reposes and unproductive

neddledick  ,  2020-06-11


Advertised free delivery then added $30 to the bill calling it a “service fee”. Driver couldn’t find the address so cancelled the order after txting me to say it was enroute. Stupid company do not use.

jules hanna  ,  2020-04-06


After placing an order with about $250 worth of items off this services website it debited my account for $280 immediately. Within 2 days I was informed that many of my items were not available and gave me the option to cancel. I did cancel the order this was 10 days ago, I have NOT received a refund. The money is GONE! There is no way to contact customer service they have shut line down. A recording tells you install the app which I did and the app is only available to residents in the USA at this time and couldn’t even find my address. 😂 so congrats APOORVA METHA you’ve successfully profited off the back of the corona crisis better than any entrepreneur around. Refund me!

seniors starve  ,  2020-04-05

Delivery Is a dream

Ordered my quarantined parents groceries.  Delivery scheduled for Sunday 6-7 pm.  Shopper arrived at the store at 7:55 pm and didn’t know the store closed at 8!  Kicked her out.  Said she finish in the morning.  Next available time was 3 days later.  My parents were in quarantine!!! Called and waited on hold for 3 1/2 hrs only to have the wait time increase.   Called again the next morning when csr read from a script and said reschedule which I had - 3 days later.   My senior parents were in quarantine and I am 3 hours away- didn’t matter.  My issue was escalated a manager last Thursday- today is 11:31pm on Sunday. No call. I finally found a friend to drop food to my parents.   Don’t bother. Skip this service.  Give your money without the middle man.   I can text a list to a stranger with greater confidence.

lisapisa824  ,  2020-03-03

Hidden fees

I was planning to switch from Saveon delivery $4.99 each week to Instacart as it advertises only a yearly subscription which was about half the cost of saveon’s delivery fee.  However, during the trial, I find out about the driver “tip” which is not allowed at saveon and the “service fees” which added to the subscription mean this will cost more on a weekly basis.

Back to save on we go!

DeklanSD  ,  2020-04-05


I bought $190 in groceries. My card was charged $270.

I signed up for the express. Should have gotten $10.00 back as promised. But instead another $11.00 went on my card.

$20 for tip, fair and worth paying.

But where did the rest go?

rreviewA  ,  2020-03-17

Many flaws to fix

Not sure why this has such great reviews. Many products do not show up when you search for them, but then show up only as a replacement option. You're unable to change your order once it's been received so if you forgot something you're out of luck. Your shopper can add items for you but you can't do it yourself; only if you ask through the chat and that is only if they answer you. Products show up as unavailable but if you go to the store you will find it in stock. This app is great at first use, but once you use it multiple times you will start to see the flaws.

Meloncollins  ,  2020-03-15


No items, three day wait, couldn’t figure out how to use the intercom in my building. Had to go down and get groceries. Defeats the purpose.

Cabbagesque  ,  2020-03-13

I enrolled in the 14-day Instacart Express trial, and cancelled the trial well before the end of my two week period. But guess what? They still charged me for the annual subscription. Cherry on top is that my account shows very clearly that I am NOT an Instacart Express member since I cancelled the free trial but I’ve still been charged. Absolutely ridiculous.

kailarc  ,  2020-10-07

Items way overpriced!!

Using the app is very convenient. It’s great to have so many options to pick replacements, give instructions on produce selection, etc. Having a great shopper means you get exactly the groceries you want, delivered right to your door. I had my groceries within 2 hours of placing my order which was a lifesaver. I would definitely not make a habit of shopping on this app though because the items are extremely over priced! Awesome when needed in a pinch but with the service fees, delivery fees, subscription fee, tip, and grocery price inflation, it is a huge hit to the wallet.

Suzy1967fghjkmnb  ,  2020-10-06

The delivery person is really dumb

The delivery guy was really dumb.    I still had to make another shopping trip again after paying these son of b**ch delivery guys!! I Ordered 14 cucumbers but only got 1 .   Customer service took 40 minutes but still not admitting their failure!! Customer service was also dumb and self centered!

madamshylo  ,  2020-10-06


I don’t know why apple let you put the app in the Canadian App Store if you don’t deliver to Canada.

51lindylou  ,  2020-10-03

Very bad service

A lot of my ‘fresh’ produce was soft or rotten. Terrible. Never again trust them.

craving burgers  ,  2020-10-02

Scam absolute scam !!please read!!

Continuous amounts of terrible orders that needed refunds. Instead of giving a refund they turn it to credit instead which added up to almost $100 for me when I clearly stated I wanted a refund. Customer service said they’ll change it to a full refund (typical 3-7 days to refund), next day when I checked my refund it was only $45 dollars refunded!!! This app is taking advantage of this pandemic to scam us and our needs of convenience!!

Also their available products in the apps sucks now. Like Walmart’s only have plastic spoons and granola bars for breakfast items now?? Can’t even request items and search results are basically zero. Might as well just not get the app and do things yourself. Garbage app

LOVELYSARAHM  ,  2019-01-30

Waste of time & money!

They were a few things missing from groceries that I already paid for I reported it , I thought they were going to give me a refund. However, they put it on my credit in my account for future purchases I ordered more groceries today but there was no credit added on my account. I kept emailing them but they kept emailing me none sense, they didn’t give me any refund or credit they just apologized. Complete waste of time & energy.

Ryan Tdot  ,  2019-02-05


Trash service. Prices are always incorrect and you end up paying more (sometimes much more) per item. Have ordered with them multiple times and have never had a good experience, so I am terminating my account. If something is wrong, don’t count on customer service, either they have bots emailing you back or the people there are just really dumb. Don’t waste your time and money.

karmine  ,  2020-03-17

App is okay but horrible customer service if something goes wrong

The app works well for the most part. Unfortunately, there’s no way to cancel an order if the shopper just stops shopping and abandons your order. It’s also hard to get ahold of customer service through the app when issues arise. The way to get to the chat with your shopper is harder than it should be and whenever you open a new ‘window’ in the app, they just stack up and you have to delete a lot of them in order to get back to the main page.

Would not recommend unless you’re desperate and have lots of time to deal with getting jerked around by inept customer service agents.

niskander  ,  2020-10-01

Canadian passport not a valid ID

Their policy doesn’t consider passport to be a valid ID. I checked the laws to verify that this is indeed a totally made up policy. Tried to speak to customer service and my shopper was threatened to have his account blocked. Seriously terrible on both fronts.

beeriyan  ,  2020-09-28

Unfair crazy marked up prices

Before you use this app make sure you understand how much the prices are marked up. They are charging you for the service in some cases for delivery and they are marking up prices insanely on all products. Order online and go pick it up

1233nia  ,  2020-03-11


I used this app to get myself pain reliever and personal items the total was $15 and was charged $35 and when my postal code SUDDENLY CHANGED (yes, I did double check my address before confirming) I waited for more then 4 HOURS to even receive call back from a customer service rep, my money wasn’t refunded completely a scam

ethameta  ,  2020-03-08

Good Service, Horrible Support

Incompetent support agents. All will be good until you have an issue though!

ryandrj  ,  2020-03-07

Customer service is poor

Took 3 hours to learn that “we’ll fix your account as soon as we can” actually means “maybe up to a couple days.”

Obviously haven’t trained properly if they are unaware of the importance of establishing expectations.

I’m done with Instacart.

momasri200018  ,  2020-03-09


Supposed to charge me 27 charged me 50 instead

Kelijulien  ,  2021-01-05

Hidden fees.

I got the receipt from the store total $162.78 and the item subtotal on my 25 item order was $189.90... that’s a difference of $27.12 that’s more then $1.00 per item mark up... THEN I STILL TIPPED(5%=$9.50)delivery fee$3.99 AND HAD THE SERVICE FEE $9.50 AND then the taxes $1.32 and some SERVICE GST $.68 BRINGING MY TOTAL TO $214.89 on an order that was a total of $162.78 so I don’t mind the tip and the charge for usage I’m MAD about the hidden fees of $27.12 INSANE!

Namsnik8  ,  2020-02-28

Absolute garbage

After trying 2 times to order groceries for delivery using my own and my husbands email both transactions were cancelled immediately and locked out of our profiles. Don’t waste your time with this. After spending the time to add all my items to my cart twice and then having it fail, it’s not a one off. The app and online Instacart are both garbage. Huge inconvenience. It also says it’s only 3.99 for delivery but when you actually go through all the steps there’s an additional ‘service fee’ of $6 and then tip for the driver on top of that. All and all waste of time.

Poopoopoooooo  ,  2020-04-02

Don’t deliver and take your groceries

Terrible experience, never trusting this app again, the dude that shopped for me stole my items, never delivered and I’ve been trying to call through customer service for 8 hours now with 16 attempts.

Such a rip off and waste of time

Loopey291  ,  2021-02-06

Terrible Customer Support

Put two holds on my credit card and processed my transaction. Refused to remove the holds, even the incorrect duplicate one after my transaction was posted and are holding up almost $600 for an order under $200. Days later and Customer support refuses to even acknowledge the incorrect second hold. Nobody answers my correspondence meaningfully. Do not use.

tt3009  ,  2021-02-05

Not worth it

Not worth it at all, spent $11 on fees when I had a $30 order. They charge me $2.77 for a heavy delivery fee which is funny cuz my friend ordered the exact same things and didn’t get charged for it. Shoppers are also very uneducated when it comes to grocery shopping lol

AngryBeacher  ,  2021-02-04

Hidden costs, beware

Instacart does not tell you this up front but many of the retailers set the prices higher on the app than they do in store. When I got my order delivered today from Loblaws, the paper receipt was included when usually it is not. My grocery bill on the app was $40 extra than on the paper receipt. Very confused, I messaged customer service to ask what the discrepancy was and was told to review the pricing policy of Loblaws. I found out that the prices listed on the app are far more than in store. Beware! If I had known this, I would not have been using this service. I have lost hundreds of dollars over the past few months this way.

bonovox7  ,  2021-02-03


Typical corporate scam. Overcharging all the food. You are paying double or more and they pocket the difference.

Stay away

Yaman Wahsheh  ,  2021-01-31

$220 charged for a $160

I placed an order that shows the subtotal is $190 and after charges its $220 and delivery is free, the shopper brought the receipt of a sub total of $160 and there was a mistake of $20 which was refunded, but still there is around $40 of difference, thats other than the charges of heavy items and other hidden fees

aliciamgrant  ,  2021-01-27

Rip Off

I’m sure the app works fine but it’s a rip off to order from these guys. Over $20 in fees and gratuity plus every single item is marked up anywhere from $0.10 to over $10 from the instore prices and that is apparently as per the retailer.  My order today cost me $56 extra just to avoid taking my 2 young children shopping during COVID times. Completely my fault for not paying closer attention but hopefully it will be a warning to other average people just looking for some help during the day - NOT WORTH IT.

you sux.  ,  2021-01-27

Are you kidding me!?

First of all their customer service is ridiculously terrible. I was missing items and was still charged for them. When I reported them, they said that they would contact me as soon as possible. I never heard back so I got charge for items that I never received and I also got charge for replacement items that were MASSIVELY cheeper then the item I originally had gotten.  Terrible. Never again.

oldtinguy  ,  2021-01-25

Pay 20% more plus delivery

Used this and got 'free' delivery. They don’t tell you all items are marked up. I paid additional 13.30 on 9 items . With free delivery, still paid a fee and mandatory drivers tip . I paid additional 27$ on 135$ ,  so 20% more on free delivery. Beware!!!

marcunator  ,  2021-01-20

Service and shopping

I always shop from instacart when needed they are the best and easy. Get a rap services chat while the person shopping is great when forget about item. Kudos during the lockdown. Always sent me picture to make sure the product I want to replace is what close to you need. Cannot always say thanks to the people who help me. As a college student  and lockdown I find this helpful. Plus my residence the driver even wait for me to come down and tell me which is my item. Love instacart for groceries that cannot purchase straight from the supermarket web. Always will look forward another order.

canad ON 12658  ,  2021-01-23

Worst app I’ve ever dealt with

I’ve been trying to reach instacart for support for almost a year now and they didn’t reply to any of my requests. They don’t treat you like humans. Worst customer service ever

JoeB999  ,  2021-01-23

Charges average of 25% premium before tip

The price is charged through this app are considerably higher than those charged in store. For instance, one Costco order of mine for $200 was a total of 25% ($50) more expensive than the actual receipt. And this was before tipping!

It’s simply not worth the convenience fee unless you’re rich. In which case, I have a few choice words for you.

gobbdy gook  ,  2021-01-21

Treats employees like garbage

Instacart just fired all the employees because of unionization.

*ABL*  ,  2021-01-21

Such a scam

The prices on the app do not reflect the store prices. I figured these prices were an estimate and the amount charged would be adjusted at checkout, but no. Do not support this scam. So disgusting that they would do this to users.

My order $70 more than the store receipt that arrived in my shopping bag.

thejakelevy  ,  2021-01-02

Service is great, but whoever developed this app should go back to their day job

Like the title reads; service is great and works well but this app is terrible. Extremely buggy, takes forever to load. Considering using another provider, it’s 2021 people!! 14 year old kids are developing better functioning app UI’s, come on now!!

yay-332211  ,  2021-01-04


So here is the deal explained in simple words:

Lets say the total of your order on their website is $90 and for whatever reason your actual bill from the grocery store says $40

and then their fee and tips make it ~$50. They will NOT return the remaining $40 to you.

Make sure to always ask them for the ACTUAL BILL from the grocery store. By the way this company works I am guessing they will stop giving out these in future.

Now the reasons your ACTUAL receipt may be less:

1. The prices on their website are way more than what it costs at the grocery store.

2. You changed the product with your shopper or you got a cheaper substitute product.

3. You changed the number of noodle packets with your shopper from 6 to 3.

4. The produce weighed less that what they assumed.

Also note that if the produce weighed more than what they quoted at first they will quickly take the extra money from your credit card but WONT RETURN IF THE PRODUCE WEIGHED LESS. Absolutely ridiculous.

And also it is NOT worth the trouble. Beacuse if I myself went to the grocery store it would take me 1 hour, but with this shopper constantly asking me for stuff it took me 1.5 hours to approve/disapprove products. During my shopping it send me 10+ notification asking which products they should buy.

They are terrible with customer service.

Sorry won’t use EVER.

If my actual receipt says $40 why should I pay $90???????

YukonYTR  ,  2021-01-03

Total waste of time and money

I am currently on day 3 of self isolation due to covid-19. I placed an order on day one to have all of the items wrong or not delivered. Then again on day two I attempted to place an order and only 1/5 of my items was correct. Today I placed yet another order in which none of my food was delivered and only razor blades. Three days of Instacarts inability to bring me the groceries that I have paid for and I have yet to eat due to them not bringing me my food. This is NOT A RELIABLE SERVICE

JaredS215  ,  2020-12-31

They steal your money with meat and produce.

If the price ends up being lower on a weighed item they do not adjust it and you will pay more and they will pocket the difference. I don’t know how it’s legal. If you contact them about it you have the fight tooth and nail for them to adjust it. It’s predatory during a pandemic when vulnerable people scared of going to the store have to pay a tax to this scummy company to get groceries safely. We pay delivery fees or a monthly fee, that is enough.

ReallySadWhale  ,  2020-12-31

Fraudulent charges

Imagine waking up on the last day of the month, rent is due the next day, you need to buy groceries and Instacart decides to charge you $111 for a subscription you didn't sign up for. Now they’re telling me wait 5 - 10 business days for a refund. Sure, i’ll just eat cardboard and snow while I wait for MY money. Customer service is hit or miss. I’m deeply disappointed.

polingmyton  ,  2020-10-09

Not worth it

I hate the fact that. It’s our money we’re spending, it’s our money that helps the business, so why not cater to customers as much as possible....& how they’re trying to push “local” seriously, why can’t I order from a certain store 10km away because may what I want....wth dudes or just let be able to remove a store I would never shop at so it would stop loading up the Home Screen. Ugh it’s because of that I don’t even use Instacart anymore. Cornershop has better options, store wise and more flexible

richardbbh  ,  2020-12-30

Hidden fees

The extra cost of using instacart contains not only delivery and service fees, but also much higher prices of all goods. I would like to pay service and delivery fees with the real cost of my order, I mean the amount of the receipt, instead of the price provided by the app.

tungxuanle  ,  2020-12-21

Service is trash

Bought 300$ worth of stuff, ended up with 60$. I went there an hour after (on the way home) and I found everything. Damn if you’re too lazy to do you job, just don’t even try. I was so mad that I threw everything in the trash can after getting this from the guy. I’ll delete this app from now on. Idc what do you offer anymore

Gunl0c  ,  2020-12-13

don't let the reviews deceive you

upon subscription instacart decided to charge an additional $128 out of my account. i really was optimistic and the service itself is OK. when calling into support they couldn't even see the total amount they had taken from my account which is quite odd considering you can clearly see the totals charged from my statement. refunds take 5-10 business days. given the hefty subscription fee already now im down $250

subscription fee is actually $111.87 not $99

so many caveats.

incredibly disappointed.

rutug  ,  2020-12-07

Dishonest pricing and terrible customer service

There have been times when the produce wasn’t fresh or good quality. I also noticed that I don’t get reimbursed even if the shopper paid less than I did. That’s pretty dishonest in my opinion. As a customer, I shouldn’t be ripped off. Especially since I pay for the membership and the service fees plus tip. The worst part, however, was that the driver gave away my groceries. She lied to me that she’d contacted Instacart and they were in the process of returning my money. When I called them the next day, they had no report of this incident. It took them 2 more days to get back to me and although they reimbursed my money, they didn’t reimburse the credits I used. I will never use this app again!

redcherrybitxh  ,  2020-10-14

They steal money from people on disability

They stole 900 dollars from a family who is quarantined and rely on this app to get groceries. They won’t refund this lady’s money, she is 600 in overdraft. Could you imagine being that crooked of a company? Y’all disgust me.

left in the dust  ,  2020-10-14


Instacart has and will double charge you ($900 is the highest Ive heard them take) and then proceed to say they cant do anything to help you and have horrible customer service. Save your bank account, dont use this app unless you wanna see $900 go missing.

CalKaLiGu158  ,  2020-10-04

My own fault for thinking it would be better

Used this app in March and April when we couldn’t get into the stores, and then deleted it when they had all the security issues. Trying to use it again now and it just won’t connect no matter how many times I reset the password. Giving up and deleting the app again.

Lolliizee  ,  2020-09-29


Major delay why would you make the driver take two orders at a time??? My order had only three items in it but it was delayed for more than 2 hours because it was put with an order with a longer list. It’s the first and last time that I will be using instacart.

yehet103  ,  2020-09-29


The people always say that they couldn’t find the things you wanted even though I literally just saw them there the previous day. Not to mention this but if I need to get just one thing like cat food, delivery is 7.99. Not only is there delivery but there is also a service fee which is $2.00. And then tax. PLUS a tip they automatically set to $2.00. In the end, you’ll be paying about $20 for only 4 muffins that don’t even taste good.

1234wasfes  ,  2020-09-28

Incomplete order

I ordered two items from Shoppers drug mart

Tens adult diapers

Bond powder

Only one item was delivered. I was charged for both items.

Kindly let me know what is happening?

grafi07182641  ,  2020-09-27

Bad experience

The app takes around 25% on top off the normal groceries. This app is supposed to make shopping easier, but it is everything else than that.

When you referred a friend, you’ll need to speak so many times to the customer service. They’ll promise you, that you have the credit. You won’t see the credit in your account though.

After that they’ll promise you that you should order now and they’ll take off the credit on the receipt. But obviously that’s not true neither.

Then speaking to another agent they’ll tell you it’s a misinformation from the colleague and they’ll give you the credit for the next order but it’s not shown up in your account & the circle begins again.

Cari184  ,  2020-09-26

Don’t use this app! Theft of credit card info!

We used this app earlier this spring in order to get groceries to someone who was unable to enter grocery store during pandemic.  CREDIT CARD INFO STOLEN and sold, and thousands of dollars charged before we were made aware.  Never did hear from company about the hack, even though they have known since summer 2020! DO NOT GIVE THIS APP YOUR INFO!!

kalybalylalaalia  ,  2020-09-25

Comes late

It comes so late

Sammyc88  ,  2020-09-23

No sale prices applied

I enjoy the app. I did just however find out the price in the app is what you pay. I assumed if an item was on sale it would just be discounted on the final bill. I understood it would show while you’re shopping. So they are now making money on a service fee, delivery fee, and whatever extra they made off of me shopping for sale items and then charging me extra. Hugely disappointed

Steph2619  ,  2020-09-22


Stay away!

Worst customer service ever.

They charged me for items I have never received ($40), refused to give me my money back, only a credit that they say will automatically apply to my next order, now they say I can’t use my credit because it has expired. However they NEVER mentioned an expiry date. Never will use them again and I would not recommend it to anyone.

Wish I can give 0 star!

Ali Sheikhmanesh  ,  2020-09-22

Address would not update

I keep trying to update my address to the correct address however, it wont let me and pops up an error and it suggests a different address every time.

Hamza El Sousi  ,  2020-09-22

Poor app and slowest support ever

DO NOT DOWNLOAD. I am working as a shopper I’ve been waiting for more the 2 hours just to check out and support is being slower than a flipped turtle. And of course are not compensating me for the extra 45 minutes and not even answering my questions.

I don’t recommend this at all. Go to cornershop app you’ll probably get better worth of your time.

Moreover, I spent over an hour now and they’re telling me let’s give you a bump and unassign the order, the bump is worth 10 bucks. My two hours now seems to be worth 10 dollars what the F***!! This app is straight up manipulating our time as shoppers to pay us less and charge the customers out the roof.

LoyalToOil33  ,  2020-09-21

Great idea, sketchy security & customer service

I signed up to Instacart but didn’t attempt to use the service for several months after. When I tried to use it for the very first time my order was cancelled and an email was sent to me to provide a screen shot of my credit card info I had on file as apparently my account went dormant from not using it. The problem is I didn’t have a credit card on file that I provided when I first registered. I called customer service line and they said there wasn’t anything I they could do. I had to send them the credit card information. I thought this was sketchy so I just decided to delete the app and not use it at all.

Dacrookson  ,  2020-09-19


They’ve stolen 240 dollars in unauthorized payments from me

DeeJay Mac  ,  2019-01-25

Not worth the trouble

Tried for several HOURS to get my order to work. Company doesn’t accept Canadian payment methods. IT support is useless and told me to google the answers. Couldn’t get my order placed.

I’ll never use this app or service and will tell everyone I know to avoid it. Awful experience.

Isolda89  ,  2019-01-26


My order summed up 150.33 CAD on the app. The receipt from Super Store says 127.96 CAD. Meaning, your app asked for extra 22.37 CAD. I called you on Sunday to explain the situation and the answer was, "give us at least 24 hours". Just received an email saying the subtotal is the one on the app, and the receipt is not valid. That's not everything: Half of the products I ordered were not available and the delivery arrived 5 hours later.


mira6811  ,  2019-01-27

Not worth it!

Over half my items were “substituted “, bananas were black - not impressed - will NOT be ordering again

Nadia Ghafoor Hassan  ,  2019-02-13

confusing layout

This app is very confusing, wAs charged 92$ for asparagus

Binkyghgfrr  ,  2019-02-19


Ugh where to start... first of all, hidden fees. You think you are paying $3.99 for the service and it ends up coming out closer to $25 between service, delivery and tip. Once the shopper got to the store, I started noticing a bunch of items being “refunded” (things like avocado, green onion, etc; all basic items) which pretty much defeated the point of the service since I just needed to go grocery shopping myself for the missing items. SAVE YOUR MONEY, HEADACHE AND TIME!! Don’t use!!

PorcelainHorror  ,  2020-05-17


Even during the COVID-19 epidemic and Victoria Day weekend, to have same day delivery available was very convenient.

claws58  ,  2020-08-17

Need to fix few issues

This app is great if you can’t get out to do your shopping or just don’t feel like it. It is costly though . Your looking at an extra twenty or thirty bucks but it sure is nice if you don’t like shopping. They text you during the whole process and let you know when they have refunded something or replaced it with something else. ( most times anyway) they say you can make changes during a certain time during the process but I have never yet been able to do this.

There is a spot for you to put any specific directions for your shopper. I have put in there that I want ( and need) a paper receipt showing the total of my order. I have only gotten it once. If you don’t ask for it you will not get it. And you don’t know what your actual total was. There is a few things I have not got and no message about it but was I charged for it? I don’t know. I don’t understand why it’s not standard procedure to give the cash register receipt to the customer. They would if it was us checking out.

Also you don’t get advantage of sale prices or ad matching either

Roxysurf11  ,  2020-05-18

Description of items

For people with allergies or intolerances, it would be nice to have a picture of the ingredients or the details posted of ingredients.

Skiiiinhead  ,  2019-11-20


My first experience of using your app was so disappointing.

I ordered the items and according to your recommended time slots, they were supposed to be delivered by 11:50 am! Now, this is 12:55 and the shopper hasn’t arrived yet! I missed my bank appointment because of your inconvenient service and lack of responsibility. I won’t use your app again.

I wrote this review to say you lost one user, if it’s important to you!!!!

Yatata  ,  2020-05-16

Almost perfect

Love this app but really wish they offered local grocery stores in my area. I hate that I can only shop at big box chains like Walmart while local mom and pop groceries are struggling. If you added more local stores so we can support local economies, this service would be perfect.

$odaliciou$  ,  2018-12-18

Poorly responsive customer service

We were charged 100 dollars for the subscription service without explicitly being informed of this in our initial order. I attempted to call weekly for nearly two months before we could get through to the call centre, only to be informed that the membership fee could only be refunded on a prorated basis. The service itself was reasonably easy to use and the actual reps were pleasant and professional when we could reach them, however it would be nice if the buyers were paid a reasonable wage.

Overall the membership fee signup seems like a blatant ripoff and appears as if they are hoping customers won’t be bothered to call in and deal with multiple excruciating wait times. There are many national and local alternatives to this service, and I would recommend that this company firmly revisit their business practices if they hope to maintain a loyal following.

notmorg  ,  2018-12-20


you are never actually refunded when something need to be replaced, their customer service is terrible they have no idea what they are doing, claim that they process the refund but my bank has never once gotten one!!! This is seven months later they still cant give me a confirmation number for a refund but are trying to scam you into using a system that doesn't work.

dont download in no way is this actually worth having your accounts compromised

Brian007007007007  ,  2019-01-02

Awful service

Complete waste of money and time. They use the closest store to your home so you end up getting groceries from the mini Loblaws that has basically no produce, no butcher, etc. I’d rather use click and collect and pay $3 and go to the super sized Loblaws. Rather than $14 delivery to get half of what I ordered.

Buhleahto  ,  2019-01-15

The worst customer service.

I made an order a week ago and was charged twice. Whatever, it happens. Sent an email letting them know, they said yeah no problem we'll fix it asap, just send a screenshot of your banking app. So I did. And then I heard nothing else. So I sent another email. Then another. Then I called and they said to send the screenshot one more time. Then I heard nothing. So I called again only to be told "I know YOU think you've been charged twice but there's nothing on our end". She asked me send a screenshot AGAIN. Once again I didn't get a response. I've sent one last email with ANOTHER SCREENSHOT ATTACHED and still nothing. Absolute trash.

BakedinPricing  ,  2019-01-19

Free Delivery isn’t what it’s chalked up to be

Looked at using the app but quickly noticed that products were marked up 7 to 15 percent from what they are in store. Basically delivery is baked in the prices.

natepikar/12345678910  ,  2020-05-18

Works well

Works well. Easy to shop. Delivered on time. Good work all  around

Samrihat  ,  2020-03-23

Very bad experience!

Can someone contact me ? I have been trying to contact your customer service for 2 days now!!! I was supposed to get my order in an hour and now its been 2 days. Give me back my money! $50 for the order that i never got and 13 for the express membership! Absolutely ridiculous customer service.

aomairi  ,  2021-02-14

Love love this app

This must be like my 10th time ordering through this app seriously love especially when you have little ones and no one to watch this app comes in handy they talk to you during shopping and the also send a picture of the person shopping for you along with a tracker which is my favourite...so I would love to give more than 5 stars but it’s all that’s allowed 🙏👏👏

Norskie Girl  ,  2021-02-11

First Timer

Today I ordered groceries for the first time and I was very impressed. Igor notified me when he arrived at the store and he also notified me that two of the items were not available and that he was refunding my account for the items. He called me on my cell when he dropped off the groceries. He was very friendly and very efficient. I will definitely order through the service again.

rari1098  ,  2021-02-11

Great concept, but no one knows how to shop

My first time using Instacart I’ve gotten a notification that my order was delayed. I was okay with it, then i got another notification that an item was out of stock and replaced. I was okay with that too because it happens right? Finally the order came to my house. The person who shopped for me purposely gave me the wrong item and tried to disguise it as the right item. The concept of this app is great but it’s the shoppers who are going to run it out of business.

JeyEyEm  ,  2021-02-11

The best app

For me the best app service ever! I had a lot of issues and all those issues was fixed and gives your compliments everytime! Kudos instacart!

5erpiko  ,  2021-02-05

Like it and will recommend it to friends

It’s perfect for our Canadian winters when you don’t want to get out in -40. Service is fast and order was accurate. App is very easy to use.

jesslafo  ,  2021-02-11

Cancelled and Order 11 days ago and haven't received a refund!

I cancelled an order that hadn't even begun to be shopped and it's been over 10 days and I have yet to receive a refund on my order! I contacted customer service before the 10 days and they said i had to wait the full 10 days.  Now i can't get a hold of anyone to get my refund.  This company is the worst!

aashleey  ,  2021-02-10

Terrible customer service/beware of higher prices

The idea of instacart is fantastic, you get groceries delivered right to your door. Sounds simple enough right?

However I ordered $16 worth of onions on the app but my shopper only bought $3 worth of onions, I know this because she included the bill with my groceries. Apparently they aren’t supposed to give customers the bill because when I brought up this issue in an email, an associate said that they don’t share the receipt from the retailer because it doesn’t accurately show what they charged for the order. Isn’t this shady for a company? shouldn’t we get to know exactly how these prices will change especially if we’re forced to pay for these changes that we didn’t agree on?

After multiple emails, writing that I did not receive what I paid for, I was getting constant replies about how it’s the retailers fault for setting their prices that way or not taking responsibility. Bro... all I’m asking for is my money back on onions I didn’t pay for lol. After dealing with 2 different people in emails it helped me understand this is just another huge company that makes it easy to take your money but didn’t invest on proper customer service.

In conclusion, the idea of the app is wonderful but if you have issues with your cart beware. Beware of higher prices than usual. After this experience of paying more than I received, I’m sketched out about how they “adjust” their prices.

r.ghuman  ,  2021-02-09

Prices are outrageous!

This is a scam. They have overpriced the items. The superstore grocery on app was 120$ but in store i got all exact grocery for $ 87.39. My money is hard earned, cannot spare a looney to get wasted.

ammu36  ,  2021-02-09

Worst experience

I used this app for groceries, they brought worst kind of products. The worst that happened with me is that instacart used my Account details to transfer my money from my credit card to make me express member for which I did not ask and even without informing me and without my authorisation, which is very pathetic. Never going to use this app again in my life, hope I will get my money back.

RisingXIII  ,  2021-02-09

Dodgy time wasting service

Purchased groceries for delivery and signed up via Apple and processed via Apple. They took the cash in “escro “ cancelled my order and blocked my out of my account. After being on the phone I was told 3-5 day hold on my money and guess what no delivery available bc my account has been flagged. If I had known it would have been this much of a headache I would have just done the groceries myself.

20lbs Down  ,  2021-02-07

Love the Service: App could use a few improvements

I love and use this service on a weekly basis and it has been a lifesaver during the ongoing pandemic.

The app overall is intuitive enough, but there are a few improvements that could be made.

1. If placing orders from multiple stores at once, you can only rate the service from the order that is delivered second.

2. When you click the push notifications, it is like the app opens additional windows in front of the page you were previously viewing. It can make it a bit cumbersome to get back to the homepage as you have to close out of multiple ‘windows’.

I love the new update that lets you add items to pending orders carts!

patti gg  ,  2021-02-04


Very good service and so polite.

ABianca____  ,  2021-02-03

Great customer service

I signed up for the free trial and forgot to cancel it before it ended. There’s a 15 day grace period for you to cancel it and I did it over chat! I thought I had to wait for a confirmation to my cancellation but I fell asleep while waiting (LOL). So I called customer service in the morning to do it. The rep told me that he doesn’t see any membership in my account so I went to check my email and they’ve already cancelled it! I might not sign up for an annual membership but I would totally support their company with a monthly subscription (once in a while) since they’re so easy to deal with.

march97  ,  2021-01-30

Online grocery shopping with Walmart

Excellent service and products. Less plastic would be good e.g. fruits and veggies don’t all need individual bags. Boxes may be an option for delivery. Always good to be environmentally conscientious.

Thanks for a good experience.


keepingitsimple519  ,  2021-01-31


It was so easy and the shopper picked great produce! I didn’t have any issues whatsoever.

Will be doing this regularly from now on.

Danielli802  ,  2021-01-30

Love it

Pandemic update- They have been amazing during the pandemic! Beyond amazing! The shoppers work so hard to help us! I have several friends who now work as shoppers and I did not realize that they get timed when they are shopping! I have heard horror stories about customers treating the shoppers so rudely! Like seriously they are out there risking there lives to get your food. BE NICE AND TIP WELL! It costs you nothing to treat people with kindness!

Pre pandemic review:

As a busy working single mum insta has saved me! It’s fast and easy to use and no need to drag the little ones to the store! Make sure you communicate with your shopper especially if your order fresh produce. I’ve gotten rotten strawberries and mouldy bread before. The app gives you the money back if you complain, but I really don’t think it’s too much to us that the shopper actually looks at the food they are picking.

Still a good app! and they now sync with PC points

A Oreilly  ,  2021-01-28

Grocery delivery

Just had Beverly deliver a large order from superstore. Very happy with her service! I feel she went above and beyond to make sure that the quality of my produce and groceries was what I would have picked for myself. Wish I could request her each time!

Tmdbc83  ,  2021-01-29

Wish it would take my visa debit

For whatever reason the app itself doesn’t take my visa debit card. It gives me an error saying “unable to charge the card and to try again later”


However when I went on the website itself it took my card no problem. So if that issue could be fixed I would greatly appreciate it.

R.emond  ,  2021-01-29

Union busters deserve 0 star

Union busters deserve 0 star

nboris1234  ,  2021-01-26

Great Experience

This was my first experience with the App and the service. I was very pleased. Wael was the shopper assigned to my order. He was a delight and made the experience an excellent one.

Kevintheblacky  ,  2021-01-27

Charged me

Signed up for the free trial never used it so I cancelled. Ended up being charged later on, give me a refund please and thanks! Be careful what you sign up for!

t-hicks  ,  2021-01-26

Good but more $$ than you think

I only just ordered groceries for the first time yesterday. So easy to order and very good picks of my produce, out on my step within 2 hours. But the bill was $10 more than my purchases. I understand tipping the shopper but the app is $99 so not sure of all the extra charges. 🤷🏼‍♀️

S2J7  ,  2021-01-25


I will be sticking with Cornershop after I placed my first order I had 5 different charges over the course of the night on my card totalling 50 dollars more than the items I even ordered charges were well after my order and random as hell. I contacted them they told me there were all these fees because they tried to contact me which doesn’t even make sense as my order was already done. Needless to say I was charged for items I didn’t get charged for speaking to them charged for trying to close my account just wth wow and still haven’t received any refund as of yet though they claim I will be smdh don’t risk it

Yiola123  ,  2021-01-25

Amazing service

We had the best experience and our deliver person wasn’t only professional and clear in communication, he was incredibly kind.

Cara.J  ,  2021-01-25

Do not recommend

Almost everything I ordered ended up being out of stock at the store so I spent another few minutes selecting replacements of the same value for each unavailable item at check out. Thank god I did that, I’ve seen other customers complain that if they didn’t shoppers tend to pick replacements that don’t make sense and are more expensive.

Unlike any other food delivery app I’ve ever used instacart also holds an extra 15% of your total order amount which is really bizarre to me. It’s day 3 since my order was placed/delivered and I’m still waiting for them to put back the rest of my money.

I won’t be using this again, I’ll stick to grocery delivery through Ubereats. I’ve rarely had issues with out of stock items and they don’t hold on to my money.

BrowniesBrownies  ,  2021-01-25

Let your workers Unionize!

Found out that instacart just fired 2000 out of their 10000 workers simply for trying to unionize. Thus, I will not be using instacart anymore. Workers, who your business would not exist without, deserve better than this.

Super amusing!  ,  2021-01-24


First order placed. Package meats from Costco. Got everything that was ordered. Great experience especially during covid. Definitely will be going this again. Thank Instacart. January 2021

xo.shann90  ,  2021-01-24

Not overly impressed

I had a membership with them for 8 months. During this time I shopped the sales from the flyer available in store through the app. Maybe it was my ignorance but I thought they would adjust the price for items on sale. They do not. They keep the difference of the items that I paid for on sale and sell it for regular price. On top of membership fees, tipping, and added fees (which I totally understand) it just seems like I got scammed. People who do not shop on sale might be perfectly content, and I think it’s great if you’re in a jam but otherwise I will no longer be using. I lost a LOT of money thinking I was shopping on sale and then being robbed by them instead :)

katouatou  ,  2021-01-24

Bad produce, you will overpay

I have tried this app multiple times and have been disappointed each time. The mark up on the produce is ridiculous (7$ for a single avocado, $6 for 1L of regular milk, $8 for a carton of eggs, the prices on the grocery store’s own website are much cheaper), the fruit comes bruised and the leaves come wilted, and the substitutions that the shoppers make are often bizarre (goat sour cream instead of regular, flavoured yogurt which my diabetic father can’t eat) and I did not approve of them. I end up spending close to twice as much as if I had gone alone and I usually end up throwing a lot of it away. Finally, the app isn’t very user-friendly and will ask you to input the quantity of bananas as grams instead of simply asking how many bananas I want (I have no idea how many grams a banana weighs!).

Majjinho  ,  2021-01-24

Great work!!!

Just want to thank Zakiullah for doing a great job — he got everything exactly right, and also saved me some $$$ ... I shoulda tipped him more, damn ...

travelblig  ,  2021-01-24

Worst customer service

I signed up for express shipping for one months and little did I know it was renewing and charging me 10$ monthly without my knowledge even after I stopped using the app. “Debra” from Instacart was very unprofessional, said I could get a refund even though I haven’t been using the app, and overall, I’m very unhappy with this app.

Some Hobo I found  ,  2021-01-24

doesn’t work

app does not work well. either does not open, or crashes immediately

opamyster  ,  2021-01-23

Union Busting

Instacart has been firing every worker who voted to unionize. I don’t support union busters encourage everyone to call them out for this gross practice, delete there app, and leave a bad review until they address it publicly & commit to reversing course and rehire those staff immediately.

Little Twix  ,  2021-01-23

Grocery shopping review

Fantastic experience, received my groceries within two hours! Service was amazing..... I would definitely recommend online shopping!!

Thank you so much Mark


Geraldine Ring

Tina Beanna  ,  2021-01-23

Delivery from Super Store

I’ve had great luck with my deliveries, barring one incident where the girl left a bag belonging to someone else with me and mine with the other person. When I called S.S. and told them, they replaced all my missing articles.

I love the lady I had shop for me today! Maria is her name. We wrote back and forth about what was available and what needed a replacement. She was marvellous.

I would recommend this service.

ConnorMinielly  ,  2021-01-23

Good app, bad company

The developers do good work, but the company is evil so it ruins the experience. Union busting isn’t cool.

Tdemille  ,  2021-01-23

Love it!!!!

Today was the first time using the app. I was not disappointed! Will def use again.

jmhehn  ,  2021-01-23

Application works perfect

Groceries can be expensive be sure to ask your shopper for specific items on sale you see in a flyer. ****suggestion**** add option to add a personal photo of oneself so the shopper can see whom their delivering to.

JFilleter  ,  2021-01-22


Zeres did a great job and we really appreciate her work!

Mikers2235890776770000  ,  2021-01-22


Not only do they underpay their workers, they overcharge you for your groceries. Under the guise of “peek delivery times”. Sometimes paying double to triple the in store price. Instacart is a horrible business with nasty business practices in place. You think with a global pandemic they would want you to be online shopping right?? But how can you when a $100 bill turns into a $250 grocery bill. On top of all of this They just laid off people who voted to unionize. Unions protect workers. So so disappointed. Do better! Way better.

cChanelc  ,  2021-01-22

Best app!

I’ve been using this app for awhile and absolutely love it! Easy to use, you can add items as they shop if you forget something, great communication with the shopper, select delivery time, and so on!!! Try it you won’t be disappointed

Sad JoeBirdsong Fan  ,  2021-01-22


Genuinely disgusted with the union busting and will not support this horrible greedy company.

Shruri  ,  2021-01-22

Terrible App

The app used to be pretty good, but now every time I try to text my shopper, an error pops up. I had to keep calling him which made it very inconvenient to use the app. Also, I can’t seem to review my order. There was something missing and I couldn’t find anyway to report the missing item. It’s just not user friendly anymore.

iPhone 4 be  ,  2021-01-21


I applied to be a shopper and it said there was no spots. I know Walmart, Costco and most grocery stores like the back of my hand . I have 5 kids . So I ALSO use this app a lot I have only ever had ONE woman shopper they are all men (and not Canadian)!!! EVERY ONE WITH A BRAIN knows not to send men shopping for anything . They can not comprehend finding replacement items , they send photos of empty shelves asking if I want something on the shelf instead . I have had to reply 5 times to different shoppers saying there’s nothing on shelf ? I needed drain cleaner they were sold out I preselected my replacement and the person sent me a photo of the swifers asking if I want one of those products instead ?? What the hell am I going to do with a swifter for my clogged drain ?! They never read the preselected options for when stuff is sold out they just message and say your item is sold out . One time I selected baby potatoes to go with my roast dinner and some man replaced it with French fries ! 90% of my shoppers hardly speak English so you can’t communicate with them . And I spend my entire time chatting in the messages explaining everything over and over . It just completely defeats the purpose of having someone do your shopping it’s even more stressful . Or I’ll pick things cause they are on sale like a 24 of Nestea it was gone so they replaced it with two 12 packs and it cost me double the price . Which happens a lot . I’ll buy a small pack of something and it’s gone so they buy the biggest club pick possible thats an extra 15$ . Or if you need a big pack or two boxes of something and it’s gone they will get a small one or 1 pack and then your screwed because you don’t get what you need for what your making . It’s just a disaster. Like where is the common sense ?! There is just no process at all to become a shopper. I think they should just be hiring woman and it would solve the problems . You can say it’s sexist but I want my friggen order right ! I wouldn’t go to a straight man and ask him to do my makeup . And while I was writing this review I had someone shopping it showed up with a replacement I specifically said DO NOT purchase I requested a refund and they spent my money and bought some cake mix I will NEVER eat . So now I have to go in person to the store anyways to take it back !! Honestly going to find a new shopping ap the second I’m done with this review ..

iwantcoinspleaze  ,  2021-01-22

Union Busting is Disgusting

Was a frequent user but have since deleted once hearing that they union-busted their employees.

terriblytwee  ,  2021-01-21

Anti union

Just no.

unknownn79643578898  ,  2021-01-21

Firing employees who voted to unionized

Trash app. the company is firing their employees who voted to unionize. Deleting it for sure

Emmaputnam  ,  2021-01-21

Literally Supervillains

Firing every worker who VOTED to unionize? 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

Morrissey Advocate  ,  2021-01-21

Respect your workers

Firing employees trying to unionize is a jerk move Instacart. App deleted and I won’t be back until you change your policies.

ShantKandilian  ,  2021-01-21


Such a poor service, customer service almost zero

Brock Lobsta  ,  2021-01-21

Company firing employees who tried to unionize

This company may have a good idea for an app, but after finding out they decided to fire employees who tried to unionize I’ve decided I can’t support them. Looks like another corporation putting more profits than needed over workers who are trying to get well deserved benefits in the middle of a pandemic.

Jan Michele  ,  2021-01-21


I love the app, hate the company. In early 2021 they fired all employees who voted to unionize.

dakotagm  ,  2021-01-21

Delete app they are firing employees for standing up

Deleted Instacart because they are firing all employees who wanted to unionize

You won’t get my 3x weekly service anymore

BinkyMinky  ,  2021-01-19

I’ve been using Instacart for over a month. I’ve only had great experiences using the app and the service. I changed to a different store that has the same brands but cheaper prices which are still lower after the markup than the non-Instacart prices at the usual store I use.

Chewbacchus  ,  2021-01-21

Instacart fired 1,900 employees & prices insane!


Has been incredibly slow and buggy at times.


Instacart marks up the items from grocery store prices, some are quite substantial markups and not worth it. Sales are not available.  This has made use the service less.

Fired 1,900 employees:

This is the clincher for me.  Instacart wants to make profits but only have ‘contractors’ and provide precarious gig jobs to maximize their profits.  Uninstalling app and never using again.

myself me and i  ,  2021-01-21


I love the ability to use the app for a variety of stores. However when there are multiple locations of the same store, such as Walmart, customers should be able to choose which location as one location may have an item or items another does not

Also i have found the delivery tracking part of the app is very sluggish causing the driver to appear at least 2 blocks away in the app when they are actually arriving at the location. This is very inconvenient for those of us who need to meet our deliveries due to parking issues.

a very angrey pre-user  ,  2021-01-20

Super bad service 😡😡😡😡😡

I hv order many times before...... but it’s getting worse and worse. And I m not gonna use them anymore. The shoppers very un pro, like let my ordered food at the lobby and not delivered at my door, yet they said they will leave at the door. And few times make mistake on delivery to the wrong unit. They didn’t do to compensate the mistakes they made. Even they said they did they don’t do it after. NOT TRUST WORTHY!!!! DON’T USE!!!!  If there’s a zero star! I will give that!

Moorji  ,  2021-01-20


They took your money without letting you know

valbe2000  ,  2021-01-19

Bad from both sides.

I have ordered with Instacart before.  Price difference if I shopped by myself is huge in my case was 50$ . And shoppers get a little part of it.

I also tried be a shopper, due the Covid life is hard.

Even so , everything is shopped fresh and great. Instacart doesn’t telling the customers that their order is not single order and they can mix 3 orders at the time, that’s costs delivery delays.

Customers give 4 stars rate one or twice. Instacart doesn’t give orders any more.

Payment for the shoppers is very low! Costco orders stars at 10$ including delivery. For heavy items payment around 2$

Probably that’s the reason why shoppers is always in rush.

Stocking . Instacart has their own products on their website, sometimes store doesn’t even order this in stock.

Frenchchicky  ,  2021-01-18

Excellent- I’m impressed

Tried this for the first time today- I purposefully asked for some difficult to find items and fresh produce - everything came, (the exact, specific items I had asked for!) and the produce was beautiful and fresh - and very quickly ( earlier than expected) I am impressed !

Sjjxxl  ,  2021-01-17

Worst service ever

This app is a joke. My first time to use it and I spent 21 dollars for 3 oranges(non-organic). They definitely labeled the wrong price for the oranges. But I was told by the service representative that the price is correct, which is usually “slightly” higher than the in-store price. My paper receipt for these 3 oranges is ~2.67 dollars and the final charge from them is 21 dollars and I can’t get my money back. I can’t find a way to express my anger and just want people to stay away of this scam app. Will not use it anymore.

Ang.M  ,  2021-01-17


I ordered a few things at my local Walmart. 5 minutes into the shopping process he cancelled my order because apparently they had really bad stock. LIES! Once it was canceled I went there myself and they had all the items I needed there. I’m extra annoyed because I’m in pain from getting my wisdom teeth removed which is why I wanted it delivered. You got a 50/50 chance that it’ll work for you but for me it’s not worth it anymore especially because I have to wait 5-10 business days for a refund.

Bozaksthebest  ,  2021-01-17


The service sucks so bad. I tried placing an order today and the guy tried to refund half of my order without even offering alternatives to me. Then my order was late, even though they’d had 3.5 hours to complete it. I was charged for things that weren’t even delivered. And there is NO CUSTOMER SERVICE.

mlwisit  ,  2021-01-14

Really Good

This was my first time and it was a free trial. I am so impressed my amazing shopper was on text giving me choices when the product wasn’t there.

I will absolutely sign up for Instacart. Worth everything including tip!

my princessa  ,  2021-01-17

2 hour delivery is a lie

Constantly get emails apologizing that my order is delayed and will be pushed back another hour. If I am paying for express I expect to have my order within the time frame I selected.

ndjsjdjsmznzjzjz  ,  2021-01-17

Worst app ever invented.

Worst customer service ever.

Never got a product delivered on time.

I’ve had incidents where I never got stuff delivered and even damaged items.

No customer or courier feedback.

Paid the membership for a year and very unhappy with the services.


fairynha  ,  2021-01-16

Watch out the prices!

It’s great for emergencies and the experience with the shoppers have been great so far. But I’ve been checking the product prices tagged in the app and it’s sooo much more expensive than the real prices for the SAME product. Of course I’m paying for all the services fees and tips, but I noticed I was also paying extra $15 for the products.Too expensive. Watch out.

mnbvlkjop  ,  2021-01-16

Wrong items delivered 2 times

The worst. The shoppers don’t have a brain. They don’t even look at the list of items ordered. First time got 5 kg bananas when ordered 5 bananas. The second time every single item was wrong. I ordered onions and got energy drinks. Ordered garlic and got oreo drumsticks. I mean I have to go for groceries in the ‘stay home ’ order. Totally useless. Uninstalling as soon as I get my refund for the second order.

Annasaden  ,  2021-01-15

Slow updates

I have issues in chat. Not sure if that’s the shoppers internet or the app. There’s huge lags between the messages and you sometimes miss them if you don’t refresh the app manually.

djsny  ,  2021-01-13

Best Online Shopping Experience

This has been the best online shopping experience I have had

It feels like they really care to get the right products at the right price at all times and they are very interactive if they do swap out any products.

Love it!!