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Is online grocery the rising star on Canada’s e-commerce horizon?There’s impressive growth potential in online grocery sales. A recent survey shows that one quarter of Canadian shoppers are currently, or are strongly considering, ordering groceries online for delivery. Of these shoppers, 86 per cent…
Is online grocery the rising star on Canada’s e-commerce horizon?
There’s impressive growth potential in online grocery sales. A recent survey shows that one quarter of Canadian shoppers are currently, or are strongly considering, ordering groceries online for delivery. Of these shoppers, 86 per cent would like their groceries delivered directly to their homes.

December 26, 2020 1:28 pm
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Love Respect Strength Courage Honor ❤️✊🐼
Thank you for your time and attention

Please excuse my ignorance
I am learning as fast as possible
I will learn your language
I will learn all languages all history everything
We are all humans

You are my brother
We are all inherently good
We must rid the world of evil tyranny

I hope so
Thank you for your support I know everyone thinks I am crazy

We can
No one believes me in my own country

No, they are crazy
My own family is perfectly happy to believe the lies they see on mainstream media
Not you

I believe you
Thank you so much
These messages I received from you and others here and elsewhere keep me motivated
It's hard when everyone around you thinks your crazy

Mainstream is everywhere
I love you whoever you are I love you thank you so much
I will die for you for all humans do time for tortured for whatever I have to
Let's fix this world or die trying

I love you too
I am here brother boots on the ground in Canada

I will travel too I'll do anything
Anything positive to help never to hurt people
We must help especially women and children

I’m from Iran
I know

I love Iranian people
You are wonderful people
You are also victims of America funded Media
We are in bad sanctions

The American people because they are fed lies to make them scared and make them hate any country on the Imperial agenda
I know the same with North Korea
It’s unacceptable
I need help
We can transcend sanctions

They want to destroy our economy
With blockchain
Their economy is done
USD is worthless

If you hold any USD move it to Yaun fast
It is impossible for the USA economy to recover now
It will never happen
As long as we can avoid Trump doing anything horrible
Monetary policy is irrelevant at this stage sanctions are temporary

I don't know everything

Trump is crazy
I do know for sure 100% USD is over and the unemployment rate of the US is pushing 80%

Trump is not just crazy he is the ultimate epitome of insecure male weakness
You can control him with complimentary or criticism
He has the mental fortified of a 9-year girl

Unfortunately, regardless of how smart caring or even downright opposes Trump, He will do as he "feels"

Maybe he starts a war against Iran?
He makes every choice based on how he "feels"
Not fact not metric only "feel"
Do you understand?
He already has tried to war on Iran
Everyday including yesterday he pushes Iran

You right
Iran has shown incredible patience and understanding of international geopolitics are leading your country very well
Your stock exchange has true value unlike the Americans who have $640 trillion USD in derivatives bet against a total possible realized value of maybe $13.666 USD Trillion it is impossible to predict how bad it will get
The reason the US economy even works the way it does with their ignorant population consuming more than anyone else and somehow can do so always on credit
Your stock exchange is unshakable
You may have been throttled by the USA government sanctions that make doing business with other countries hard and that surely has hurt Iran but everything you have is real
The USA isn't real it's all credit it's a house of cards

Did you know the Federal Reserve Bank of USA

It isn't a government agency
They charge the USA government to print money just paper no gold standard
If we can get experts together and build out the blockchain framework
We can easily use Private equity firms I have lined up around the world and even have people immigrating to Canada to help me

I hope so
Iran is an economic giant and while you have yet to enjoy the fruits of your nation’s labour you are about to enjoy a rise of value unprecedented
The only possible way to stop Iran

We are one
That is exactly what the USA is trying to do
The only way to keep Iran down
Is if the USA can continue to convince the Israeli government you will nuke them and wipe Israel off the map
I am totally IGNORANT about the conflict between the Iranians and The Saudi Arabian government
If your region United you'd have more owner and wealth than the rest of the world combined
You are all geographically close for easy movement of capital goods and services and man that whole region has been devastated by Imperialism by Americans specifically
May I ask you questions without you being offended by my ignorance
Ask me

I hate imperialism
Before I do please you must understand I only know what I know and I think I know more than I do we all do it is human instinct and the Dunning Kruger effect if scientific proof of this so while I definitely know economics and have been watching carefully so I am certain about what I said about the USA economy
What is much harder to find peer-reviewed credible information on is
The cultural division between Iran and the rest of the Islamic world?
I know there are of course two Muslim Sunni and Shia?
Forgive my IGNORANCE any misspellings of anything I say or do that is offensive is a mistake on my part
If I don't know I am wrong how can I correct my mistake?
We must educate the world it's the only way

No, you right
My understanding is the USA does their research they find anything they can to divide and conquer other countries
They break down sovereign nations with war and sanctions
Then to avoid war to take control

I have one design for uniting the middle east zone
They model interest rates and model their "foreign aid" which is what you owing or whoever owning the USA and USA companies money for forced product and services
What a way to make other countries do business with you
Disguised as foreign aid
Designed to be defaulted on
Now because you can't pay your debt sell us your utilities
We own your electrical grids and water and energy
You see the evil
These organizations like the World Bank and IMF and it makes me so mad
All for what
We must end this
Do you think Biden will be good for Iran?

He's 100 years old

Anything he could have done politically would have been down
He's a puppet
Who's a puppet I don't know
Do you speak Farsi ?
And Arabic?
And in English?

You are amazing

Tell me when you learn other languages do you find you think differently?
Your ego or internal dialogue like when I'm shaving in my own mind I talk to myself like ok I must do this that the other and you know how we talk to ourselves do you find yourself doing this in more than one language?

Sorry for my English
I can imagine it makes you much more understanding of communication and more importantly that no matter what whomever you are and whomever you are speaking to writing to in any language be it your wife kids the staff you manage your parents or foreign diplomats there will never be %100 from the intent of the person communicating to the person who is receiving the communication, for example, my wife and I argue about little household conflicts all the time
We love each other speak the same language are of the same IQ and spend more time together than any other two people
Still when she speaks to me and me to her
My definition of the words I'm using and her definition
They will never ever be identical
There is always a loss of message from the intent of message to what is actually interpreted
We don't want to fight
We do though all the time it is normal for all humans
It is the quality of the conflict resolution that determines the quality of the relationship
I am a bipolar emotional chimpanzee
I feel emotions I react to them
My reaction to how I feel is not always logical in fact almost always logic takes a back seat to feel
I'll punch holes in doors and lol this just happened
Disappearing Message
Use the Instagram app to see this type of message.
Disappearing Message
Use the Instagram app to see this type of message.
I'd never hurt my wife or kids no matter what and I get mad so I punch walls and break things like an idiot
My point is I was wrong then am wrong often and even when I'm right this type of emotional response creates this feeling committed to the fight
I find myself in my own mind justifying my mistakes like I punched those holes for good reason
She is wrong she caused this it's her fault and I am so good at this until recently I would convince myself I am right To myself and when you do that how can you ever really resolve anything?
Only in the last 18 months or so have I realized this happens to me and it's only because i love my wife so much have I realized this because I analyze my own conduct over and over I'm obsessed with being the best man I possibly can be

You are very strong
I fuck up all the time though
And when I do if I am not honest with myself first and really take time to step out of my egos emotions about the conflict and see it pragmatically and logically can I see who is right wrong what options for resolving the issue is and make only then with calm cool collected and factually based decisions can be made
Any decisions made like Trump based on feelings without logic will almost always be a mistake or at least not optimal
Anyways I'm so grateful for and impressed by your leadership

My pleasure
Iran is a special country and you will enjoy economic development beyond anyone else in your region if we can figure out how to communicate with each other and the hardest part is forgiveness
We have all done good bad and ugly things to each other over the last 3000 years and much of it is impossible to forget
Forgive is a must or we will never have peace
It is not so simple on a national scale
And the Trumps of the world know this
He splits his own country into a possible civil war
That his own country
He kills your best General who was a leader of the highest calibre with more true influence than almost anyone else in the military in Iran

Yes our commander
In my opinion that was intentionally done because that General could have lead peace missions
Very few people have the love adoration and respect your recently passed General had
My condolences
I'm gonna get to work thank you for your time and attention I am here to help always forever grateful
Message me anytime for any reason

Now maybe we have a new president he is military

Dr.Saeed Mohamad
If that's who I think it is he is absolutely brilliant

Why are Iranians so well educated
??? Is it state sponsorship of education?

No, but we like it
Every Iranian I've ever met and known are all superior educated trained and speak more than one language
Do you have any Iran contacts in finance?

You now very good about us
I'd love your help connecting and probably because I trust you translating if you interested and have time
I don't understand?

Yes I can
Ok let me get some work done and let's connect elsewhere too so we keep communication
These platforms Freeze and block my accounts all the time

+1 778 584 1230 my personal mobile
Please if this account is gone for some reason get a hold of me
I want to help and you want the same let's work together

Ok sure
I'm so happy we spoke
This is so motivational

I happy too
I appreciate your time and attention

Thank you
Love Respect Strength Courage and Honor ❤️🐼✊ ok I'll message you back shortly I'm going to focus on Iran today and North Korea actually I must know and can't find any information
Does Iran have any problems with North Korea?

If we can build this blockchain put properly would Iran be happy to sell to North Korea?

But we are far together

I have lots of support

The best way to get traction is proof

If I can I build out a few countries that definitely won't cooperate with the USA
We can prove the function of the concept and you can sell and ship crude to these countries receive payment settled almost instantly and with no fees for transactions
It works it's real we just need to build and perfect it
Good job!

And North Korea will help using


Amazon Mechanical Turk
Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) is a crowdsourcing marketplace that makes it easier for individuals and businesses to outsource their processes and jobs to a distributed workforce who can perform these tasks virtually. This could include anything from conducting simple data validation and research to...

Good design
This API called human resources manager infrastructure enables us to leverage North Korea's human resources to train our machine learning models and we can achieve AI General Intelligence faster than any other nation and I want to discuss so as GUNS
Global United Nations SYMBIOSIS
The new UN
We got this !!!

I use this word too much?
I know I do I'm sorry
I probably offend more people than I realize using these bad words

Oh good I thought I'd upset you with my poor language
What is your local time now M

Or is 2:33pm here
It is 2:33pm* here

2:04 here am
Oh wow you are like me
I'm up at all hours too

Please define ?
We are brother
Means yes
Its my whats ap
My email
Your aknowledge is very good
We can be good friends
I will send you my design
For peace

In middle east zoon

Private Equity / Funding / Value Creation & Business Development
Iran, North Korea, Vietnam, lead the world transcending sanctions together seeding and building out the blockchain based Fiat Currency , Cryptocurrency,
I just posted our conversation, if you wish I can take it down, your call
please guide me any errors you see like anything that may offend please tell me so I can fix

It so good
i must shower and eat then Il be back here thanks for everything talk soon

Thank you
thank you!!!
I love you brother
we got this!!!

I love you too

December 26, 2020 7:10 pm

Coronavirus: Iran cover-up of deaths revealed by data leak
Nearly three times more people died than Iran's government admitted, records seen by the BBC show.
What’s the turth?
truth and why would Iran cover up deaths ? those deaths are on the hands of the USA as far as anyone who is familiar with reality around the globe
it makes no sense so lets source the genesis of this story
lets highlight this clear public opinion cultivation for what it is and uncover the motive the agenda behind the media story there is underyling premise of evil Iran and this "covering up" for what why would anyone lie ablout hat what benfit is what to anyone it makes no sense
December 26, 2020 9:16 pm
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lets work together
Oh greate man
Thank you for this proposals
My pleasure

Excuseme last night i felt down asleep
December 27, 2020 10:25 am

Its my plan
Monday 10:57am

The IRGC’s Dark Horse for Iran’s 2021 Elections: Saeed Mohammad
The IRGC’s Dark Horse for Iran’s 2021 Elections: Saeed Mohammad Kasra Aarabi Conflict and Extremism Conflict Counter-extremism The IRGC’s Dark Horse for Iran’s 2021 Elections: Saeed Mohammad Commentary Posted on: 3rd December 2020 Kasra Aarabi Analyst, Tony Blair Institute for Global Change ...

Hello please read it
Tuesday 4:42am
DEAR Sir Please Excuse & Forgive Me
I often mistake your names for one another same with any other names in other languages until I learn the parameters of octave flux I am in the dark haha so to speak but can I speak or am I just a little white girl from America that lives in a little house on the prairie yes sir and the world is for me to wipe my ass with I'll consume on credit at the expense sweat blood and tears of people in other countries I ha snow idea even exist because all I wanna do is easy pork rinds cheese doodles watch Fox News think I am politically savvy drive an 80s Gass guzzler listening to loud rock and roll Americans screaming in English life is a highway
Now I just had to share this ridiculous notion in the humourous context my own mind presents such things in life to me to try to make sense of if I am the one of is crazy psychological issues intelligence ok sure but is my ideas of feasible practicality am I thinking pragmatically or has the Dunning Kruger effects got me thinking I'm Albert Einstein hahaha strange experience the emotional response our 🐒 suit throws at us and if we are weak or uncivilized (civil in the sense of respectfully understanding of the EXPERIENCES of others as they engage with you or others which is maybe 9% the actual words you choose to use to deliver your intention of message the vast majority is unconscious and we are either uneasy or comfortable and develop a easy to carry back and forth banter with little effort that is pleasant and enjoyable.
We chimpanzees always fancy ourselves the ones who are the witty charming people pleasers of society in say a ballroom of a celebratory function
If you and I are introduced by our wives he Bob this is Mohammed And he works with Debbie's wife Safaa at Safeway or whatever
You and I maybe have nothing at all in common
Maybe we have no common interest other than the neighborhood we live in and both have wives who are eager to be good community society's parameters to what is"normal " what is"not normal"
We prescribe children psychopharmacological neurotransmitter reuptake inhibitors and modulation of pharmacology we don't understand the mechanics of similar to how until only a few years ago the pharmacodynamics of General Anesthesia weren't fully understood and has been the accepted SOP at the worlds best healthcare services providers flags from all countries considered
It's ridiculous
If you are looking at America as a symbol of success (I never ask and I always assume we Al have the same exact opinion about your country I know only a little bit about and have been told to have very negative feelings towards you to fear you to be very afraid of the Fun loving sweetest most cultured just a special kinds of people the middle Eastern countries all have that boisterous Everyone eat eat dance Danxe drink drink family love it's beautiful the Persians have a I guess it's humour maybe and extra refinement of for lack of better political correct word class and forgive me for why you'd need to forgive makes no sense to me my eyes ears and feelings when I watch you and other nations just the weirdest thing whenever two people two groups two anything are almost identical but not quite the animosity that develops and factions warring groups of what is if we had to use cold hard math to make a life or death astroid gonna kill the world everyone or not all or nothing bet I am
Betting if your honest with yourself you'd have to bet it is the same exact faith you are both so divided over or maybe it is my IGNORANCE and I am (the Caps is just my keyboard no covert insinuating you never have to guess with me
The Jewish Community & The Iranian Community
You Love To Dance Sing Laugh Love Live Work And just be with a special kind of uhmff and witty charm that is always common in the uncommon private clubs of upper echelon society elites which while good conduct is important if the only thing you do well is your conduct of behavior and everything else is a lie like so much of western society its a loss there the political leaders have gerrymandering around bible belts so they can fight over abortion it worked too well the Americans are too dumb will vote for anything if you lie good on TV they are dangerous it's not an example of a win it's a loss and has been for the last 100 years for the whole world everyone in it and only now because of this virus and the Americans unbelievable capacity to consume credit without regard for yeah anyways let's stay positive you have been so strong the future is bright I am reading your proposal it's beautiful much better than my work id love to share my notes on your plan maybe have a video call zoom
Skype whatever whenever if and when you wish thank you for your time and support love Respect Strength Courage Honor we can have it all Safety Freedom Success HEALTH HAPPINESS LOVE LOYALTY HONOR COURAGE STRENGTH POWER And Money are by products and we must manage them or they'll corrupt us or anyone monkey power is to be distributed at least in escrow of some conceptual framework for safekeeping your leadership does a wonderful job of exactly this
And your vilified for it because it is different than the most IGNORANT inconsiderate and literally their slogan is us first like fuck them in the most non threatening way let's get real we are done with nato guns and war heads don't mean shit
Economic development and public opinion SPECIFICALLY the people if the majority of the people of any population anywhere on earth decides they want something it's easy so when there are leaders like yours who have stood up to the Imperial invasion illegally occupation of and there must be fines UN fees I'm organizing a private equity funded buy and build strategy for all the American platform businesses
The same high speed trading algorithms used by resonance technologies we can flip it to do the opposite for us any accounts we open it's not even fair and as their valuations for these artificially inflated valuations for these PUBLICLY traded companies that have no value left for individual investors to earn it's impossible
All the big big rich companies
The wealth they think they have isn't real it's been gutted
Think about it like this
If I come to your say casino
You have a Blackjack table
You have a marketplace where me and the other neighbors come buy vegetables and pasta little corner market laundry and hey while you wait if you have change you can play blackjack try your luck
So in this example
Your marketplace is the NYSE and the neighbors are the big institutional investors who move billions around in milliseconds using computers it's so unfair it's only legal because no one asks why it's "too complex" they conditioned Americans from youth to believe they are better than and yet still not smart enough to be what they want or understand how the federal reserve works it's really evil the lies the American people are good people for the most part by they are very very IGNORANT have no idea how much they think they know that is based on only lies lies that aren't disputed it's Public record and until there is no food in the stores and it is really really bad in mid western America are we gonna see the whiplash from what is happening
USD won't be worth anything
The only value left there is talent and even they mostly think they did well but not one of those big companies is profitable

Chris Hedges on What it Takes to be a Rebel in Modern Times
Bestselling author and Pulitzer Prize winner Chris Hedges sits down with Ben Makuch at the Toronto VICE office to discuss what it takes to be a rebel in mode...
We need to stand together to pick of the pieces because America is a dangerous place to be and everyday gets worse

Iran Armed Forces with 11 Million SOLDIERS ⚔️ [Military Power]
One of the most unusual military powers in the Middle East, let alone the world, is the Islamic Republic of Iran.Subscribe Now - ⚔️ ⚔️I...
Very Impressive Will Never Need It Now I definitely understand how it got this you had to protect your country and I'm so glad you did I now will get to enjoy Persian Culture unbiased from Americana like Egypt or Hawaii
Tuesday 10:35am

Adobe Acrobat - fang.pdf
Shared via Adobe Acrobat. You can add comments too.
Not my work and I haven't fully read it and this is way beyond my understanding I find when I read anything no matter how technical I understand more of the world in totality and if I read it a few more times follow DEFINITION seeking search read all night for weeks to be sure times of my life I'm sure you have experienced
I have been awake for well I slept once for 3 hours since we've spoken so however long it has been I know I need more rest and I hope my let's call it humour haha I get silly or bolder than normal when sleep dep starts leaning on my conclusions
Anyways I know who you are I am honoured you take time to engage with me and I wholeheartedly support your mission for peace and while I am ignorant and I have everything to learn and nothing to offer yet other than my love and unwavering passion to really discovering the finer nuances of your cultures demographics societies within that are themselves a plethora of human artistic and tangible culture captivating the sense I feel like I can taste the hmmm what is it that
The yellow rice the best meats always better than anyone else and Iranian Kitchens were my sanctuary when I battled alcoholism
I never had to worry about temptations to drink alcohol which is a huge weakness for me and nothing positive comes from it but I for some reason my body loves it
I would go through cycles

Woooow you are power full man
I would work really hard both in the gym and on whatever work I was doing life would be good I'd have disposable income etc I'd start by because always out for business meetings always a beer at lunch
I discovered if I went for lunch at Iranian Restaurants I both could enjoy the best foods and never have to worry about my weakness tempting me it saved my life may times in Calgary Alberta

Your life style is good
You are absolutely brilliant beautiful people
The world must learn this how I've learned this
I see the news it's such lies how is this allowed
Thank you
I love your people

Why do we allow anyone be them wealthy powerful whomever have the power to lie and cause fear and hate of literally hundreds of millions and soon Billions
It had to end
Fortunately their reign is definite over and it is a new century and the axis powers are shifting and your in the heart of the best of everything brother
I believe that with all of my Everything
Mark my words

Capitalisme is over???
Iran is the dancing soul of the beating heart that is the backbone of the power house that the middle Eastern economic union maybe i haven't full read or understood your plans I'm just throwing ideas but I'm so honored to be even able to speak to you
I'm here to help
We entrance to post capitalism?

However I can
Well no no not yet haha I don't think we willl see that
Thanks for your help

Bring peace between iran and soudi just can do it
But the USD is not the reserve currency for more than another 6-9 months is my bet and the institution's that have made the USA as powerful as they are today are but hallowed shells of dead husks of used to has been once was now is gutted no value maxed out
Their currency is much like Zimbabwe or Venezuela
Only difference is
All other fiat currency is pegged to the USD

West has confilict interest
Means as the USD explodes it's well horrible terrible analogy
You are and educated man
You are aware frogs are cold blooded Reptilia?

That if placed in a pot of cold water and then that water is brought to a boil

The frog won't notice it is being boiled alive

Oh realy?
The rest of the currencies all see proportional balanced so the sky high inflation of the USD is not well highlighted because it is disguised by the currencies of the world that trade pegged on reference to
This is why China is always smart and does their best to control and narrow the trading band of their currency
Essentially artificially undervalued currency is the complaint of international markets SPECIFICALLY the USA most SPECIFICALLY in the most grandiose ignorant blatantly wrong Trump who must I don't know if he understands anything he is either evil genius or dumb innocent old man
Sorry I lost track of what we are talking about and why I just wanted to say thanks for your time and attention
I'm here to help I need sleep now tho
Have a wonderful day or evening I gotta pass out bye for now 🐼❤️✊🇰🇵🇨🇦🇨🇳🇸🇩🇸🇩🇸🇩🇸🇩
Excuseme ia felt asleep
Ok we should base afoundation
New united middle east
Vivala revlution

Tuesday 1:26pm
I love you brother we both are sleep a few hours back to work and it feels so wonderful to have your support and the sense of comrada
Thank you for everything I feel your love brother I hope you feel mine ❤️✊🐼🏮🏮🏮🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇸🇩🇸🇩🇸🇩🪐🪐🪐✊✊✊🌏🌏🌏🌍🌍🌍🚀🚀🚀🐒🐒🐒😁😁😁🙈🙈🙈🙉🙉🙉🙊🙊🙊🐵🐵🐵☄️☄️☄️🌎🌎🌎🌏🌏🌏🌍🌍🌍🌆🌆🌆🌉🌉🌉🌖🌖🌖🌓🌓🌓🦁🦁🦁🐶🐶🐶🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇸🇩🇸🇩🇸🇩🪐🪐🪐✊✊✊❤️❤️❤️🐼🐼🐼💟💟💟🏮🏮🏮


Tuesday 3:48pm
This is the exact Iranian spirit I know love and absolutely adore and enjoy so much I am delighted to work with you as little as my part may be it warms my heart to be connected to you even in this tiny way and if all goes well as it is destined we shall meet soon and while we both know optimistic pragmatically organized and even perfectly deployment of perfectly planned and executed action we can never be sure of anything other than what we know to be true know to be good or the opposite evil in my opinion is to the world what hate is to love what is hate without love it can't exist it is the hateful ignorant person who is too obtuse to learn his ignorance and because of this can never cross the Rubicon of ENLIGHTENMENT 🐼❤️✊💟🏮🇨🇦🇨🇳🇸🇩🪐💟🇰🇵🐶🦁🌓🌖☄️☄️☄️☄️☄️☄️☄️☄️🌏🌏🌏🌏🌍🌍🌍🌎🌎
You delight me I feel great and we must learn how it is possible for things like Rwandans Genocide to occur
It was engineered by one capable man whom is Friendly with Hutu leaders in Tanzania Zambia Zimbabwe elsewhere I'm ridding the world of men like him
Or dying trying
He bought radio infrastructure and imported 800 machetes

Zaire - Rwandan Refugees Trying to Return Home
Hundreds of Rwandan refugees are trying to return into Rwanda, after fleeing across the border into Zaire to avoid ethnic clashes. Many turned up early on Sa...
This is unacceptable
Tuesday 5:01pm
Tuesday 9:58pm

I love you so much my brother
Wednesday 10:27am
Thanks my best friend

Friday 3:42pm


Saturday 5:42am

Glen Douglas Coleman